Windows 7 Tips : Hiding User folders.

In the Start Menu, user folders such as Documents, Music, Games etc are shown as links on the right side. These folders are created for each user and are customised to the usage pattern accordingly. For example, the music folder will show playlists that are created by the particular user. There is also a folder for each user, having the name of that user, which contains these folders within it.
Personally, I never use these links and have disabled them.
How to hide these shortcut links?
1. Right click on the Start Menu.
2. Click on Properties.                                                                                             
3. Under the Start Menu Tab, click on Customize.
4. This shows a list of customizations for the Start Menu.
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Under Documents. Click Dont display this item.
Under Music. Click Dont display this item.
and similarly for Pictures and Games.

Now you have customised your Start Menu.

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