Windows 7 Tweaks: Using Group Policy Editor

I had earlier blogged about how you can modify the Group Policy Editor to customize windows 7. Continuing with that, this tweak will let you clear the recently used documents every time you shut down the pc.
This is an easy trick.
1. Open Group Policy Editor from the start menu by typing 'gpedit.msc'.
2.Navigate through User Configuration>Administrative Templates>Taskbar and Start Menu.
3.From the list, click on 'Clear history of recently used documents on exit.'. Right click and click on Edit.
4.Enable it and exit the Policy Editor.

Thus, all the documents in the Recent Items in the Start Menu will be purged on log off and so will be those in jump lists in the taskbar.

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  1. I am not that computer savvy but I definitely got your point on making the computer faster by some tweaks. I tried what you said and restarted my computer, and it gave me fine results. Thanks!