Speed Up Firefox Browser

Firefox scores high when it comes to performance and speed.Firefox follows the internet standards by downloading, at the most, six files at a time. But with websites which have lot of Html and CSS codes and videos, almost all the browsers tend to consume time before assembling the web page and displaying it.  Here are a few tricks to speed up your Firefox . The number of downloads by Firefox can be changed easily.
1.Open Firefox.
2.In the address bar, type 'about:config', without the quotes and press enter.

3.Click on the 'I'll be careful,I promise' Button to view the settings.
4.Scroll down the huge list and locate network.http.max-connections-per-server.
5. Right-click this setting and select Modify. Enter a higher value and press OK.
6.Close and restart the browser to apply the changes.

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  1. my first time visiting this blog, as a whole after I read some articles quite interesting to read

  2. I am using the Mozilla Firefox..It's speedy one..But i need more speed i searched for Tips to increase the speed,finally i got it here....Thanks for sharing....I used this tips ,it worked...Now my Browser speed increased...I have checked the speed of the Downloading and Uploading at