Hacking tips : How to break into Facebook, Google, Yahoo account ...

Hacking into a facebook or google or yahoo account is not difficult . In fact it can be achieved in a matter of hours provided the user of the account is an inexperienced fellow ( target guy). There are many ways of hacking into some body's email (gmail ,yahoo etc) account, but fb account can be hacked by using a keylogger.

Keylogger : A keylogger is a program that records every key entered by a user with the keyboard. Some advanced keyloggers also record on-screen computer activity, im chats and so on . A hacker will trick the target guy into installing a keylogger on his machine. When the target guy enters the username and the password on the website, the keylogger transmits the data discretely to the hacker who can use the data as per his wishes.

The trick part is fool the target guy into installing the keylogger in his machine. Though there are plenty of keyloggers available that operate from a remote machine as well i.e they do not need to install on the target machine.

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